Old Version of the UCSF Chimera tutorial

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  1. Download and Install UCSF Chimera
  2. Work on the getting started tutorial of UCSF Chimera
  3. Before you start the tutorials pick three unique PDB files from here
  4. From the list of tutorials, pick three that you would like to work on with your PDB files
  5. In an MS Word .docx file, put the following on each page:
    1. Put the title of the tutorial that you performed in bold and underlined.
    2. Put the PDB ID and the name of the protein that you performed the tutorial on. Perform the tutorial a separate protein of the three that you selected. Each protein that you selected with one of the tutorials.
    3. Put a picture on each page that represents the tutorial that you finished.
      • If you chose to make a movie, put a frame of the movie in the MS Word .docx document and put the movie in a folder with it.