Why do people hate or feel intimidated by computer programming?

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  • Please email me if you have additional things to add. These are the reasons I think that people hate or feel intimidated by computer programming.
Reasons versus Solutions
Reason Solution
Boring You have to learn a certain amount of boring stuff, but I am going to intersperse more interesting exercises. The

first two sections are necessary to get a basic understanding, which is boring. In the third exercise, you will make

a simple plot. After that, useful exercises will be interspersed with learning new concepts. For those that need a slower

introduction, there are exercises online already to do that. I think everyone learns a little differently, so use what

works best for you.

What is the point? I will provide exercises that are useful. Many computer classes have senseless exercises that no one wi use.

You are not going to use computer programming in your research unless you have a reason to use it. The computer program

can help automate the boring and tedious stuff. For example, as a graduate student, I had to take the second column of

40 text files and put them into a single file. I made a lot of mistakes doing this manually. Therefore, I wrote a computer

program to do that for me. I originally got interested in computer programming when I was 10 years old because I wanted

to write video games. You need to have a good reason to use it. I started learning computer programming when I was 10

years old because I was interested in making video games.

Complicated Computer programs can be complicated, but they are comprised of simpler parts. Therefore, the example programs will

be kept small in terms of lines of code, although I will put a lot of comments throughout to explain what everything means.