Installing Variable Inspector in JupyterLab IDE

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  • Variable Inspector is analogous to Variable Explorer in the Spyder IDE

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Install Node.js
    • Do not install Node.js by conda.
  2. In Anaconda 3, click Var008.png
  3. Click Var009.png the environment to install node.js and select Open Terminal.
    • If you did it correct, the following would come up: Var010.png(Click to enlarge)
  4. On the command line, type: node --version
    • If you did it correctly, you should see the following: Var013.png(Click to enlarge)
  5. Launch JupyterLab
    • If you did it correctly, it should look like: Var001.png(Click to enlarge)
  6. Click Var002.png
    • If you did it correctly, it should look like: Plug006.png(Click to enlarge)
    • If it says enable, click here to determine how to enable plugins.
  7. Search for Variable Inspector within the SEARCH.
    • It should look like: Var004.png(Click to enlarge)
  8. Click Var006.pngat the bottom: Var005.png
    • Be sure that you click this specific one.
  9. if you get the following Var011.png and click Var012.png
    • This will take a few minutes.