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= Computer Programming =
= Computer Programming =
*[[Python Programming]]

= Assignments =
= Assignments =

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Computer Programming


  • These are assignments that Dr. Roberts is responsible for. This does not apply to other lecturers in the course.

Assignment #1: Graphing and Data Analysis

Assignment #2: You should have received an email link for the Google Form.

Assignment #3: Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics*Requires installation of the Jupyter Lab IDE in Anaconda with Python version

  • Recommend setting up a separate environment for doing this assignment

Capstone Presentation- Drugs and Targets

Potentially Useful Information

  • I have had native speakers in Chinese (several) and Italian attest to the accuracy of DeepL Translate to translate English into their native languages.
  • I have had a native speaker attest to the accuracy of Yandex to translate English into Arabic.
  • For speaking text in various languages, AWS Polly seems to be the best.