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Computer Programming

Dr. Roberts' Assignments

  • These are assignments that Dr. Roberts is responsible for. This does not apply to other lecturers in the course.

Assignment #1: Graphing and Data Analysis

  • You can do the project that is explained or something more detailed.

Assignment #2: NMR Spectrometer Simulator (10 out of 50 points)

  • Dr. Zheng's part on organic chemistry = 25 points
  • Dr. Bartlett's part on M.S. spectrometry = 15 points
  • Dr. Robert's part with the NMR spectrometer simulator = 10 points

Assignment #3: Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics

  • Requires installation of the Jupyter Lab IDE in Anaconda with Python version
  • Recommend setting up a separate environment for doing this assignment
  • If you have a small molecule drug for your Capstone project, pick three different methods to analyze your small molecule drug.
  • If you have a biologic drug for your Capstone project, pick three different methods to analyze your small drug.

Assignment #4: Biologics-related presentation and discussion

  • Dr. Kennedy's assignment.

Assignment #5: Essay on a newly developed biologic

  • Dr. Kennedy's assignment.:

Assignment #6: Molecular and Homology Modeling project

  • You can do this project on your drug and your biological target.

NMR Challenge

  1. Tutorials for the NMR challenge.
  2. Small molecule NMR analysis of progesterone.[1]
  3. Small molecule NMR analysis of ubiquitin.[1]

Capstone Presentation- Drugs and Targets

Potentially Useful Information

  • I have had native speakers in Chinese (several) and Italian attest to the accuracy of DeepL Translate to translate English into their native languages.
  • I have had a native speaker attest to the accuracy of Yandex to translate English into Arabic.
  • For speaking text in various languages, AWS Polly seems to be the best.


References and Notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 You will need the password for the website to access this.