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Computer Programming

Dr. Roberts' Assignments

  • These are assignments that Dr. Roberts is responsible for. This does not apply to other lecturers in the course.

Assignment #1: Graphing and Data Analysis

  • You can do the project that is explained or something more detailed.

Assignment #2: NMR Spectrometer Simulator (10 out of 50 points)

  • Dr. Zheng's part on organic chemistry = 25 points
  • Dr. Bartlett's part on M.S. spectrometry = 15 points
  • Dr. Robert's part with the NMR spectrometer simulator = 10 points

Assignment #3: Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics

  • Requires installation of the Jupyter Lab IDE in Anaconda with Python version
  • Recommend setting up a separate environment for doing this assignment
  • If you have a small molecule drug for your Capstone project, pick three different methods to analyze your small molecule drug.
  • If you have a biologic drug for your Capstone project, pick three different methods to analyze your small drug.

Assignment #4: Biologics-related presentation and discussion

  • Dr. Kennedy's assignment.

Assignment #5: Essay on a newly developed biologic

  • Dr. Kennedy's assignment.:

Assignment #6: Molecular and Homology Modeling project

  • You can do this project on your drug and your biological target.
  • Since we never talked about homology modelling, it has been cancelled as part of the assignment.

NMR Challenge

  1. Tutorials for the NMR challenge.
  2. Small molecule NMR analysis of progesterone.[1]
  3. Small molecule NMR analysis of ubiquitin.[1]

Capstone Presentation- Drugs and Targets

Potentially Useful Information

  • I have had native speakers in Chinese (several) and Italian attest to the accuracy of DeepL Translate to translate English into their native languages.
  • I have had a native speaker attest to the accuracy of Yandex to translate English into Arabic.
  • For speaking text in various languages, AWS Polly seems to be the best.


References and Notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 You will need the password for the website to access this.