Python Modules with Short Examples

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  • These are under the LabBorg/Examples


Python Module Capabilities LabBorg Version Latest Version as of 1/25/23 Comments
basico Enzyme Kinetic Simulations 0.33
cv2 Image Analysis Do not update because of conflicts
fbviddown Facebook Video Downloader
ipysheet Interactive Spreadsheets in JupyterLab 0.5.0 0.7.0
IPython Interactive widgets for Python 7.34.0 Probably problems with using alternate versions
LabBorg Misc. LabBorg Functions 23.01.25
lmfit Non-Linear Regression 1.0.3
matplotlib Plotting 3.5.3
nglview Molecular Modelling 3.0.3
plotly Interactive Plotting 5.10.0
py3Dmol Molecular Modelling 1.8.1
rdkit chemoinformatics
rpy2 Running R-language in Python
scipy Scientific Computing in Python 1.10.0
scoria Molecular Manipulation 1.0.5
skilearn Machine Learning in Python 1.2
xlsxwriter Write and Manipulate Files in Python 3.0.7